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There’s never been anything even close to Tea Burn ever attempted.

The world’s first and only 100% safe and natural proprietary, patent-pending formula, that when combined with tea, can increase both the speed and efficiency of metabolism.

New on the market, Tea Burn is an effective metabolic booster in the form of herbal tea. The tea is reputed to help shed unwanted fat. This weight loss supplement is available as a powder. It is perfectly suited for non-sugary drinks – making it perfect with tea and coffee. It assists in speeding metabolism without all those extra trips to the restroom. The powder is completely tasteless and is packed to the brim with chemicals that are designed to burn fat that can burn up to a pound of weight per day.

  • 🔹100% All Natural
  • 🔹Vegetarian, Non-GMO and Gluten Free
  • 🔹No Added Fillers or Preservatives
  • 🔹No Artificial Colors or Stimulants
  • 🔹100% Completely Safe
  • 🔹Zero Side Effects
  • 🔹Manufactured in the USA
  • 🔹FDA Approved and GMP Certified Facility
  • 🔹Tested In 3rd Party Labs
  • 🔹Highest Quality, Purity and Potency Available
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Tea Burn Reviews: Honest Customer Word of mouth with Real Results.

Tea Burn is an all-natural supplement formulated by a team of healthcare professionals to help people lose weight. It’s one of the best natural supplements you can take to fight the battle against excess pounds without any kind of harmful side effects. Tea Burn comes in a powdered form, making it easy to use and fully customizable, so anybody can start having real success with their efforts in mere seconds. 

You will find everything you need to know about Tea Burn

Product Name : Tea Burn 

Used for :  Weight loss

Product aim :  Help to  weight loss

Type of Material :  Powder form

Important ingredients : 

  • 🔹L-theanine
  • 🔹Green Tea Extract
  • 🔹Caffeine
  • 🔹Coffee Extract
  • 🔹L-carnitine
  • 🔹Chromium

Features : 

  • 🔹All-natural 
  • 🔹Vegetarian-friendly
  • 🔹Non-GMO
  • 🔹Everyone can benefit from taking it.
  • 🔹Gluten-free
  • 🔹Free of artificial ingredients
  • 🔹It goes well with any tea.
  • 🔹Made in the United States of America
  • 🔹Boost your metabolism naturally
  • 🔹Exceptional in every way
  • 🔹There are no artificial colours or flavours in this recipe.
  • 🔹Tasteless

Benefits :

  • 🔹Increases metabolism
  • 🔹Weight reduction that is effortless
  • 🔹It helps to get rid of stubborn fat.
  • 🔹Whitens teeth and reduces tension, as well as curbing appetite.
  • 🔹Increases energy levels
  • 🔹It encourages the user to be more active.

Side Effects : None

Warnings : Not intended for persons under 18 years

What is the right way to use Tea Burn?

  • 🔹Measure a single scoop (1/3 of a teaspoon) into a cup.
  • 🔹Fill with hot water and stir for 15-20 seconds.
  • 🔹Allow to cool slightly before drinking.
  • 🔹Wait at least 20-30 minutes after eating before taking another serving of Tea Burn. You should never exceed 2 scoops per day , so you should divide your daily intake into 2 servings per day .
  • 🔹Avoid taking Tea Burn within 6 hours of bedtime, as it will prevent sleep.

How can I make tea burn and help me lose weight?

The experts at Tea Burn have developed a special order mix that includes tea, green coffee bean extract, caffeine anhydrous and taurine. The mixture is meant to be consumed quickly and efficiently, in order to produce substantial fat loss results within just minutes. It should be consumed immediately after a meal, or as a pre-workout. The shake is designed to help increase fat loss in most people by increasing their metabolic rate through the use of the green coffee bean extract. 

How Does Tea Burn Help People Lose Weight?

  • Tea Burn works on the central nervous system, thus it can help to increase your body’s overall metabolic rate by increasing your pulse rate and blood pressure through the use of caffeine. 
  • Green tea extract is known for its ability to boost metabolism by helping your body burn more calories even when you are at rest . It also prevents fat from accumulating in your liver cells so that harmful toxins do not build up over time .
  • Taurine is known for its ability to help you lose weight because it can mobilise stored fat when it is present in the body and increase your metabolic rate so that more calories are burned daily.


  • 🔹Helps with weight loss
  • 🔹Gives you natural energy boost
  • 🔹There are no side effects for Tea Burn.
  • 🔹One packet of the supplement can make multiple servings, thus saving money with each purchase .
  • 🔹Tea Burn comes in powder form, making it easy to consume at any time of the day with hot water.
  • 🔹Tea Burn can be taken with other supplements and medications, as it is formulated with natural ingredients that are safe for consumption.


  • 🔹It takes some time for the effects to be felt.
  • 🔹Taking too much Tea Burn can produce bad results and make you feel jittery and sick.
  • 🔹You have to be patient with the weight loss process, as it can take a while to see results.
  • 🔹It is only available online, so you have to wait for it to get delivered to you.
  • 🔹None of the ingredients listed are specifically mentioned on the official website. 

Is it safe for health or not? 

Tea Burn is completely safe for consumption as it is made from all-natural ingredients that have been proven effective in helping people lose weight and get fit. As long as you are purchasing an authentic product from a reputable site, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of using Tea Burn without any side effects or health risks involved.

The Final Verdict:

Tea Burn is the ideal weight loss supplement for anyone looking to lose weight and enjoy the health benefits it offers. It is easy to use, and you can create multiple servings with one packet, thus saving money . It also comes in powder form, so you can take it any time you want with hot water. Even better is the fact that there are no side effects for use. If you are looking for a supplement that can help you lose weight without causing any harm, this might just be the right choice for you.

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9 reviews for Tea Burn

  1. Lincoln Smith

    Weight loss. Literally the hardest thing to do, I’ve tried and failed so many times but not until I found Tea Burn. And let me tell you even Lose it! Fitbod, and Melt couldn’t compare with this one. But you know, to see is to believe, and I can prove it. The left side was a picture of me a month ago and the other is a picture I took this morning, you just have to have eyes to know that it works like magic. So does it work? Yes, and I’m here to prove it.

  2. Lauren Fille

    Nothing feels as good as a once tight blouse and jeans feeling baggy and loose! I put them on every now and again to remind me just how far I’ve come with Tea Burn. My husband is constantly complimenting me on my new body and asking me whats changed. I haven’t told him my secret yet, should I?!

  3. Michael Bower

    “For the first time in my life I have targeted fat in areas of my body I thought was impossible… my sugar cravings are gone and my appetite has decreased dramatically. Thirdly I feel stronger and fitter. I am even finding movement and exercise easier and more enjoyable again.”

  4. Zach Adams

    “After having 4 kids and being over 50 I fully believed I could never feel young and slim again, well that is not true thanks to Tea Burn! I’m now able to focus better, I’m 100x more active and my energy and mood are incredible. I am in shock how fast and easy the weight is melting off now I am in full control of my hunger. I am hooked!”

  5. Jos Warsh

    “I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am and took the plunge to test Tea Burn. Just like your wife I had tried everything to lose weight and nothing worked at all! Almost immediately I was noticing how Tea Burn was curbing my appetite and keeping me satisfied after a small amount of food. I sleep better and feel calmer.”

  6. Kanny Pilui

    “It wasn’t long until I started taking Tea Burn that I noticed my cravings had vanished! The results are so promising, I’ve lost more weight than I have in a decade and I’m so excited to weigh myself every morning!”

  7. Wanny Muggu

    “Tea Burn has helped me get to a decent weight in a few months. I was overweight and it was very difficult for me to lose weight and keep it off. This supplement has helped immensely.”

  8. Peter

    “I didn’t think much of it back when I ordered my first bottle. I had tried a few similar supplements that worked so and so. The first two weeks were pretty much uneventful but I knew this needed some time so I continued. Week 3 was very good and I lost 5 lbs. After another 2 weeks I was at 13 lbs lost. Now I’m into my 6th month, with a grand total of 36 lbs lost! And I’m never feeling hungry, I always have plenty of energy and I sleep great.”

  9. Emilly Ushanu

    “This takes its time to show results so don’t be scared if not much happens in the first week or so of taking it. The first week didn’t yield anything for me but after day 10 nice things started happening. By week 2 I lost my first 3 lbs then by week 3 it was a total of 6 lbs and after my first month I had lost 8 lbs. It’s a great result for me because it also seems to be staying down! The weight is not coming back which is what I really want. I don’t want a quick fix and then the weight comes back! I want something more permanent.”

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